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Notes on Data Submission

The printer used for media printing is a large, special printer, so there are some restrictions.
Please refer to the "Requests Regarding Data Production.
When submitting your data, please inform us of the production version of the data.

(if you have changed the version and saved it, please inform us of this and the version you saved).

【 1 】About the version of Illustrator

The supported versions of Illustrator are as follows

Supported versions: Illustrator 5J, 5.5J, 7J, 8J, 9J, 10J, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4 , CS5, CS6, CC
Recommended version: CC

【 2 】About Illustrator data creation

1. About data size
Please create data in original size.
(If you submit reduced data, there is a possibility of misalignment or gaps when the data is enlarged.)


2. About text (fonts)
Please outline all characters. If no outlines are provided, the font may change during printing.


3. About placed images

 ● Place the link data without embedding the image, and place the link image together in the same folder. Please note that the        link will be broken if the file name of the linked image is changed afterwards.



● Image data should be saved in EPS (recommended), PSD, or TIFF format. For EPS format, please set the encoding to binary         or JPEG maximum quality when saving in Photoshop.



● The resolution must be appropriate for the printed material. (We recommend an image resolution of about 151 dpi/inch             relative to the original size.)
     However, if the file is complex and heavy, please submit the file at less than that.
     In that case, please keep the pixel resolution at about 72 dpi, or the image may be rough if it is less than that.


● Both image data and Illustrator data should be saved in CMYK mode for color mode.

4.Illustrations and logos
       Illustrations and logos should be created in Illustrator for best results.
       For scanned images or photographic images, the image quality itself may be unclear even if the resolution is high.

5. CMYK for fabric design data
       When using black or gray in a design, please use only one color, K (black), and do not mix CMYK.
       For example, mixing M (magenta) to create gray will result in a pinkish color.
       If there is a DIC or PANTONE specification and you do not specify a specific color, please use only K.

【 3 】Creation of Output Sample Data

Please make a sample of the data to be submitted. 
File format: jpg or PDF *This will be used for data checking.
(We will not check for details or typographical errors.)

【 4 】Please check before submitting your manuscript

Delete any objects or images on the artboard that are not needed for printing.
Please make sure that all necessary data is present and that no unnecessary data is included.
Data may be damaged due to external factors. Please make sure to keep the original data at the source of production.

If complex data is created, it may not be completely reproduced in the ZIP file when the data is compressed by ZIP.

Please make sure to check that the data after zipping is correct in its original size before submitting.

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