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Antiviral and antibacterial sheet

Antiviral and antibacterial sheet processing ensures safe and secure events!

Antiviral (antibacterial) adhesive film comes in sticker form and can be easily applied to tables, handrails, and other areas of daily contact to provide antiviral (antibacterial) performance.
It is also excellent as a safety control measure at events, etc., and the ease of simply attaching it to fixtures and equipment is also attractive.

【When processing a sheet for the top panel of a PodiumCase】

After placing an order, the sheet will be shipped within 2 to 3 days for a speedy service.
Alternatively, you can send us the top panel of your PodiumCase and we will apply the sheet and return it to you.
New customers will be sent with the sheet attached to the top panel.

We can also offer custom-made products according to your other requests. Please feel free to contact us. 

Examples of Use
Reception desk or counter 
Fixtures and stools 

Free-address offices

Product Features
  • This is a special adhesive film that has acquired the "Anti-virus processing SIAA Mark (Note 4).

  • Anti-virus treatment is applied to the film surface to reduce the number of certain viruses that come into contact with the film by 99%.

  • The film can be laminated to indoor posters and signboards.

  • A thick, removable type* is used for direct application to handrails, tables, doorknobs, and various other areas where people's hands tend to wander.
    *Removal performance varies depending on the period of application, type of adherend, and usage environment. Please be sure to conduct a thorough application test beforehand.

  • The product has "antibacterial" properties against bacteria.

  • Test method: Complies with the antibacterial performance of "JIS Z 2801".
    Species of bacteria to be certified: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli ⇒ antibacterial activity value of 2.0 or higher

(Note 1) It does not inhibit the growth of all bacteria.
(Note 2) SIAA mark is not obtained for antimicrobial protection.
(Note 3) LAG Protect M-072PN200 manufactured by Lintec Corporation is used.
(Note 4) The SIAA mark is based on the results of evaluation by the ISO 21702 method and is indicated on products whose quality control and information are disclosed under the Guidelines for Technical Consultation on Antimicrobial Products.


※Other laminate-type products that are directly processed on printed matter are also available. (Both antiviral and antibacterial products are SIAA certified.)

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