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Portable Banner System


The future is in your hands.

We are the only ones who can protect the earth on which we live and work.

No more disposable products. We must do what we can do to create a sustainable society, one by one.

The world's first portable banner system combining sophisticated design with top quality and durability

was created over 80 years ago in Stockholm, Sweden.

At the time, the market was surprised by the introduction of this stylish roll-up display system,

which could be used to neatly divide an event venue with no partitions.

And there is a reason why it continues to be chosen even now, long after its birth.

”To continue to shine amongst all the other products."

This is because the company's belief in

"designing and manufacturing products that can be used repeatedly"

has been passed down from generation to generation, while placing importance on the user's viewpoint.

The choice is yours.

​Now, the next step is to bring the best quality to your doorstep.

Our product​

Roll Up Luna 150cm, Podium Box Medium, Brochure Holder_edited.jpg


This is a display banner manufacturer specializing in permanent installations in stores and showrooms.
They have also succeeded in creating a simple and beautiful banner that complements their products and services, and have obtained a patent for their work.



Founded in 1940 and based in Stockholm, Sweden, they are the world's first manufacturer of portable banner systems.
All products reflect the innovative and creative thinking of the Scandinavian countries and are designed to be simple, functional, and compact.



Four of our products have won

the Red Dot Design award,

which is given to products that promise excellence in design and quality assurance.

In addition, they make great use of the concept of Swedish design in their products.


About us

Inforce Co., Ltd. proposes and implements the best solutions to change and fulfill the various needs of your company's marketing and sales activities, We aim to be a "marketing service provider" that proposes and implements the best solutions to change and fulfill the various needs of your marketing and sales activities.

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