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Flextile is available for short-term rentals of 3 days to 1 week and long-term rentals of 1 month.

Please consider the most suitable option for your needs, such as limited period of use, lack of storage space, and budget constraints.
We can also be used by customers who are considering purchasing the equipment for their own purposes, such as as a trial use.


Basic Plan


You can freely combine with other products in various ways! Please contact us for more information!

The number of sets and frames available for rent is limited. Please be sure to inquire in advance.


Please feel free to request a quote!


【Regarding media output】
Media printing costs are not included in the rental.

Please be sure to inquire in advance about the schedule for printing, as a separate schedule is required.

It takes a minimum of 7 business days from data submission to production.

(If there are color proofs, please allow an additional day for proofing.)

Please download the template from the product page.
Please check the notes about data submission and color proofing in advance.

Please contact us for further details.

If you wish to rent our products, please fill out the following form.

Please download the "Rental Terms and Conditions and Agreement" below, sign it, and return it to us.

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