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World library

WORLDLIBRARY is a new system to bring picture books from around the world to children in Japan.

We localize great picture books from around the world and deliver a different

lineup of picture books once a month.
They will be exchanged for the picture books delivered the previous month,

so you will always have a beautiful selection of picture books.
Stains and damages will of course be replaced as well.

Picture books that are not sold in bookstores and that can only be found here will encourage customers with small children to visit the store and contribute to extending their stay.
We offer a diverse lineup of picture books, including fun

trick books and picture books that emit sound.

Picture books require attention against tears and stains.
It is also difficult to replace them regularly, and do you ever have dirty picture books sitting around all the time?
These are wonderful picture books, and we have selected them

to show to customers in our showrooms and other places,

and have converted them into Japanese.
Please use a different approach than that of displaying products and exhibits to extend the time customers spend in your showroom and improve sales.

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