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Document production support

We can assist in the preparation of various documents.


We undertake manual production, catalog production, translation, data conversion, data renewal, website production, HTML processing, printing, PDF creation, and other services.

Document  Works

Aiming for high quality deliverables

In-house proofreading after DTP operations is a standard process.
Our motto is "100% from the beginning! is our motto, we always deliver the final product after in-house proofreading by a dedicated checker,
We always deliver the results after in-house proofreading by a dedicated checker.
Proof checking (tool) is also used when necessary.

Efficient work design

How can we simply separate and distribute the work?
All of our project managers have more than 15 years of production experience and will work to design an efficient workflow.
By simplifying the work, we reduce errors and ensure delivery of reliable deliverables by the requested deadline.
Once the work is completed, we keep a record of the work process to ensure a smooth response to repeat orders.

Proposals that lead to "work style reforms”

There are many ways to "change the way of working" whether it is to improve production efficiency in-house or completely outsourcing.
We will propose reasonable solutions by making full use of our production know-how.

Data sharing is the start of DX

The true purpose of DX is to create new information by multiplying shared data with each other.
To realize DX, it is first necessary to digitize analog information and establish an environment for further sharing.
However, there are many cases in which a huge amount of past information is still in analog form, such as paper media, and the reality is that digitization is not progressing very well.
We offer a full range of services to support such digitization practices.

Digitization of analog information assets

・Paper media



・Aperture cards

・35mm roll film

Assignment of information

To make it easier to classify data.

file naming
・Bookmark/Table of Contents links on PDF

Attribute Extraction
・Extract and summarize information such as creation date, author, etc. from scanned documents

・Add textual information to scanned PDF documents to improve searchability

Information sharing (storage setup)

We provide secure storage that can be accessed "anytime", "by anyone", and "from anywhere".

DX Supports

Global supports

Supporting the creation of documents required for globalization

Globalization requires multilingualization of documents.
However, if the original document data is not applicable to AI translation or translation support tools, there will be a big difference in cost and quality.
We analyze the original data and translations in order to link them efficiently, and propose the reconstruction of data that can be utilized.

Supported Languages

From Japanese
English to
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese


From English
French / Bulgarian / Greek / Croatian / Vietnamese
German / Romanian / Norwegian / Serbian / Indonesian
Italian / Polish / Swedish / Hebrew / Malaysian
Russian / Slovak / Latvian / Korean
Turkish / Czech / Lithuanian / Thai
*Please contact us for languages not listed above.

Translation Achievements

General Product Manuals

Education Manuals

Product Catalogs

Company brochures


Various documents (technical, patent, clinical trial)

Sightseeing brochures

Home page


【Business Achievements】
We have a great deal of experience in manual production (new and revised editions), catalog production (new and revised editions), and multilingual document production DTP in general.

We have a great deal of experience in all aspects of DTP.
For more information, please contact us from the banner below.

Inforce, Inc. has a long-standing cooperative relationship with NA-MU Corporation ( and contributes to various document productions for our clients. (Inforce headquarters and NA-MU Tokyo branch are the same office.)

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