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Floor marking and wall decoration tools

We have begun offering wallpaper decorations and floor markings that can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Floor markings and wall decorating tools provide a variety of spatial effects!

~ Making Spaces More Beautiful and Attractive~

We offer wallpaper decorations and floor markings that can be used both outdoors and indoors.
We offer seasonal decorations that you have seen at event venues, train stations, and showrooms, as well as backgrounds that match your interior design, at affordable prices.

We can create custom-made products according to your concept, which can be used for permanent exhibitions as well as for limited-time event venues.


They are also an excellent match for the banners we offer, and can be combined with the wall surfaces at event venues to create an even more eye-catching effect.
If installation is required for set-up, we can arrange for a contractor.
We will take care of the installation and take-down as well.

Wall Decoration

  • This is a lineup of indoor materials that enable a variety of spatial effects.

  • Depending on the location of the display, you can choose from wallpaper or internally illuminated or masterpiece film.

  • All products have cleared safety performance requirements such as "Fire Prevention Certification" and "F☆☆☆☆ (F Four Star).

  • Fire Prevention Certification" is only available in combination with legally noncombustible materials (excluding metal sheets).

  • For the combination with legally noncombustible materials (metal plates), we will guide you to "Wolkos SO".

Glass Decoration

  • In addition to the designability of the print, it has the feature of maintaining the original transparency of glass.

  • Excellent transparency is realized.

  • A wide range of products are available, including environmentally friendly products such as non-PVC and removable products.

  • In combination with laminate film, it has shatterproof effect and UV-cut function.

Floor Decoration

  • Original designs can be printed in full color, making it possible to display indoor and outdoor signs, decorations, reminders, road signs, advertisements, etc. on a variety of road and floor surfaces.

  • Some types have excellent durability and followability to uneven surfaces such as asphalt, and can be used outdoors for a long period of time.

  • This material is widely used for social distance markings.


Precautions when submitting data

Adobe Photoshop 5.5 to CC compatible. (Supported extensions: eps, psd, jpg, tif)

  • RGB data must be converted to CMYK. Inkjet printing is done in CMYK, so the print result will be different in RGB mode.

  • Image data should be set to Image→Color→CMYK Color.

  • Images should be set to the appropriate resolution. A standard resolution for full-size images is 72-36 dpi.

  • Resolution is the fineness of a bitmap image, expressed in pixels per inch (ppi).

  • As the number of pixels per inch increases, the resolution increases. In general, the higher the resolution of an image, the higher the quality of the printed image.

We can introduce many other materials according to your application. Please feel free to contact us.
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