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Media Production Flow at Expand 
(Overseas printing* fabric-based media only)

Expand offers fabric media production services for large pop-up fixtures at our overseas factories.
(Main fixtures: GrandFabric, LightBox, FlagStand, MediaFabric)
Expand's highly specialized printing technology allows us to use fabrics and inks that are not available in Japan, and we can provide you with colorful, high quality finished media.

Notes on Data Submission

As in Japan, please use Illustrator to create the data. (Only CC is supported).

Photoshop and InDesign are also acceptable. Please be sure to include a PDF compendium.

【Color profiles when creating data】
There are various settings for color profiles in different countries.
Since Japanese printer standards (JapanColor) and foreign printer standards (SWOP, FOGRA39, etc.) are different, data submitted with a Japanese color profile will be automatically converted to a local profile. Because the CMYK values are automatically converted to CMYK values that match the local printer's standards, the nuances of the color may change.
Please understand that there will be a certain degree of change, and please carry out data preparation and color proofing.

Template Guide

The template includes green, blue, and pink lines as shown below (left).
The actual fixtures will look like the figure below (right).


-Details of each line-

Green line - Art board area (this is the area where some graphics may be hidden within the framework or roll-up)

Blue line - Graphic area (This is the main, visible part of the banner)

Pink line - Safe area (This will be the main visual area that is not affected by the curvature, sewing, etc. of the banner. Logos, text, etc.      should be contained within this area)

アンカー 1

Color Proofing

The data preparation method is the same as that of the data to be submitted. Color specification (PANTONE only) is possible.

If you want to use gradation, please reflect the CMYK value of PANTONE directly on the slider.

*If the PANTONE color is unique to Japan, it may not be possible to specify the color. We will use similar colors.
We cannot send print samples.


We cannot adjust the color of the placed image.

If there is no proof data, we will print out the data that has been reduced to A4 to A3 size. You will receive your prints in about 10 days after the data is submitted.

If you want to compare several types of data, or if you need a choice of logo color or background color, please prepare data with different color tones for each, or include a color chart. For an example of efficient proofing data, please refer to the data preparation sample here.
The price does not change with or without color matching.

About delivery date

After data submission (or after proofreading), if proofreading is required, it takes about 2 weeks for proofreading plus about 3 weeks for production to arrive in Japan. If ordered at the same time as the fixtures, delivery will be made at the same time as the fixtures. We can also provide a schedule to meet your specified delivery date.

Please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form.

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