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Media Production Flow at Spennare
(Overseas printing * fabric-based media only)

【About color profiles when creating data】

Color profiles have various settings for each country.
Since the standards of Japanese printers (JapanColor) and those of foreign printers (SWOP, FOGRA39, etc.) are different, the color profile submitted with the Japanese standard color profile will be automatically converted to the profile of the local printer. As a result, the nuance of color may change slightly. Please understand that there will be a certain degree of change, and please make data and perform color proofing.

【File format】

To prevent data leakage, please submit your data as PDF files (or TIFF).
Please indicate the finished size (cm), number of sheets, and data size (full size or one-tenth size) in the file name.
Each file should be uploaded together with a comp (as a JPG or PDF).
Data should be created in the highest possible resolution and scale (full size recommended).
*If the resolution (dpi/ppi) or data size is too large, we may ask you to lower the resolution.
If you wish to submit your data in Illustrator, the recommended environment is CS6.

【Data Scale】

Large-size printing ︓ up to about 72 DPI 
Medium size printing ︓96 to 150 DPI
Small print ︓180-300 DPI
Scale should be produced in either full size or one-tenth of the original size.

【Designation of color】

If PANTONE is specified, please be sure to set PANTONE on the data and submit the data. 

*Please refer to the "Color Proofing Guide".
The data will automatically be output in the PANTONE designated colors at the time of printing.
Since we accept PDF and TIFF as the file format for submission, individual color adjustment is not possible.
If PANTONE is not included in the data, ink will be output according to CMYK values, which may differ from the image.
*DIC cannot be set because it is a color specification unique to Japan.

【About Paint Adding】

Artwork should have an additional 10 mm of paint on the edges.
Important graphic elements should be centered. At least 30 mm away from the edge of the final visible area (product size). For large sizes in the tens of meters range, it is necessary to check if it is possible to produce the product.

【About black color】

K 100 alone may result in thinning. Set to C 80, M 80, Y 80, and K 100.


Data must be submitted as complete data.
We cannot accept files that do not conform to our guidelines.
In such cases, we will ask you to re-submit the data, which may affect the delivery date. Please check with us in advance.

アンカー 1

【Color Proofing】

The data preparation method is the same as that of the data to be submitted. Color specification (PANTONE only) is available.

Please set PANTONE directly on the data.

*If the data is to be gradated, please reflect the CMYK value of PANTONE directly on the slider.
*If PANTONE is unique to Japan, there is a possibility that it cannot be specified. We will use similar colors.
*We cannot send you a print sample.
*We cannot adjust the color of the placed image.



Please create the data for color proofing in A4 - A3 size, or if there is no proofing data, please print out the data in A4 - A3 size by reducing the entire size of the submitted data.

If there is no proof data, we will output a reduced size of the entire image. You will receive your prints in about 10 days after the data is submitted.
If you would like to compare several types, or if you need a choice of logo color or background color, please prepare data with different color tones for each, or include a color chart. The price will not change whether or not color matching is required.


【About Delivery】

After data submission (or after proofreading), if proofreading is required, it takes about 2 weeks for proofreading plus about 3 weeks for production to arrive in Japan. If ordered at the same time as the fixtures, delivery will be made at the same time as the fixtures. We can also provide a schedule to meet your specified delivery date. Please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us form.

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