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About Color Proofing

Difference between color adjustment and color proofing

color adjustment

Please prepare color samples (printed matter, etc.) or specify color specifications (DIC, PANTONE).
Please send us color samples in advance. Our printing staff will make color adjustments upon completion of the job, and the job will be printed as is.
If there is a large amount of adjustment work, the delivery date may be extended.

color proofing

We will output the data as it is (Nari) in full or partial original size, and send it to you.
If you want to adjust colors, please prepare color samples or color specifications.
If you wish to have a partial original size, please send us the data for color proofing with the partial original size picked up.
Proofs will be sent out 2 to 3 days after the data is received (depending on the amount of work).

Pricing for Color Proofing and Color Adjustment
(*Please contact us for the price)

  • The price will vary depending on whether there is color matching or no color matching output.
    ※Additional charges apply for printing multiple copies of the same data.
    ※The price may increase from the quoted price depending on the difficulty and volume of the m
    atching colors.

  • Sample of data for color proofing (example)
    The basic output size for color proofing is within A4~A3. Additional charges may apply depending on the size.

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