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About paper

Extend PrintMedia 2103

Expand PrintMedia is a printable shielding film specially developed in response to the many

requests for graphic media for portable displays.
It is 99% light-impermeable, so no shadows will show through the graphic panel.
Printed on an inkjet printer and laminated, the graphic panel can be kept flatter and more durable.

Material:          Surface Matte coating (compatible with water-based pigment and solvent inkjet printers)

              Back side Polyester film coating

Feature:           Warp prevention
                      99% light impermeable shielding film
                      High resolution (of an image)
                      High durability
                      Water-based and solvent inkjet compatible
                      Excellent water resistance through the use of pigmented inks
                      Universal printing material that can output any image

Retention period:       It is not affected by long-term storage.

Temperature and Weather:   Can be used indoors and outdoors

Fading:         The use of pigmented ink prevents fading from ultraviolet rays for a long period of time and also makes                                           it waterproof. With lamination, it can be used outdoors for up to one year.

Waterproofness:     Excellent waterproofness is achieved by using pigmented ink. For dye ink, the waterproofing level is                                                 normal. Lamination is recommended if the portable display is to be installed and removed frequently                                               or  if long-term durability is required.

ISO:             ISO9002

Recommended printer: Hewlett-Packard Designjet、Encad Novajet PRO/PROe、ColorSpan Displaymaker

Ink:           Epson pigment ink, Raster Graphics PiezoPrint 500 ink. Pigment inks are recommended.

                                     Dye inks provide   a wide gamut but can fade; EncadGX, Ilford Archiva, and ColorSpan EnduraChrome                                           have been shown to fade in a short time. Most solvent inkjet printers can be used.

Printer Setup:
         - For optimum print quality, set the printer to the highest quality setting. Ink saturation is up to 250% on                                            NovaJet and ColorSpan. 250% is recommended for HP DesignJet series printers to reduce the effect of the                                          "star wheel mark" and minimize bleed-through.
         - The paper setting for HP DesignJet series printers should be set to "Heavy Weight Coated Paper Thick                                              Coated Paper". The print setting for water-based piezo wide-format printers should be set to "Super" or                                          "bi-directional". Drying time depends on the type of ink used and saturation level.

         - For optimal print quality with solvent inkjet printers, set to 720 dpi bi-direction; 540x360 will also give                                            good results. Printer settings vary by model and manufacturer.
         - Both pre/post heaters should start at 25-35 degrees. If possible, use a hair dryer or similar tool to dry the                                        image quickly. It is recommended that the printer's automatic cutter be turned off. Some printer models                                          may not cut Expand PrintMedia 2103 well.

laminate:       Allow graphics to dry completely before laminating. We recommend allowing 24 hours for proper drying                                        time before laminating. Cold lamination is recommended.

Points to keep in mind:     The matte coated side is the printed side. When rolling, roll the printed side outward.

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